The concrete canvas
Why do we name this the Concrete Canvas ?
Because we tread a decorative concrete floor like an artist uses he's canvas.

Scrafito Enterprises is a premier specialized contractor of decorative concrete installation, restoration and maintenance. With an in-depth insight into the most technical and creative challenges involved in our field, Scrafito Enterprises guarantees not only excellent performance, but even more important - sustainable client confidence. With Scrafito Enterprises your decoration options will extend to the limits of our collective imagination.

Given the complexity of decorative concrete installation, hiring a specialized and highly experienced
contractor for your project can make the difference. To minimize risks and reach full customer satisfaction, we are offering unsurpassed professional services that integrate our team's consolidated experience with our clients' specific needs.
As a pioneer in our market, Scrafito Enterprises represents a quantum leap in the quality of decorative concrete. We are proud of our unique ability to adapt to the versatile requirements of our residential, commercial and industrial clients. Today Scrafito Enterprises provides cost effective services that uphold the finest standards of excellence.
Don't compromise your decorative concrete installation or maintenance project. Choose an experienced and totally committed contractor who understands your unique goals and needs. A contractor like Scrafito Enterprises

Thank you for considering our services.
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Diamond polished plaque, logo sandblasted in to Terrazzo and black grouted
3/8" overlay, 2 circles grooved, background stained, center circle Scraffito, leaves gold leaf, veining faux and urethane finish
about us
diamond polishing
overlayment systems
grooving and grouting
stains and dyes
logo's in concrete
scraffito and faux finishing
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