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Scraffito is a low relieve sculpturing using the same ingredients as in Fresco.
In Fresco you paint with a lime paint on a wet lime plaster.
In Scraffito you apply different colored coats of plaster on top of each other and create an image by scraping into the different layers, resulting in a low relieve sculpturing.
Due to the alkaline characteristics of Lime, only earth colors can be used, like red and yellow ocher, umbra and siena.
However, Sam developed a technique where color's are unlimited by converting the plaster from lime to acrylic and therefore called he's company Scrafito Enterprises (losing an "f" for simpler pronunciation)
Scraffito is also used in pottery and enameling on copper. (Interesting, by researching Scraffito, pottery appears to be the common result and Scraffito" low relieve sculpturing" has disappeared)
According to the art critic Mr. Johnpaul West, in the 70tis believed Sam Maurer is the only one in Canada who knows and creates Scraffito.
Scraffito can also be used on floors. It would be textured, similar to stamped Concrete

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